Founded 7 years ago, the Marlborough Grape Growers Cooperative is neither a traditional wine company, nor do we contract grape growers. Other benefits include...


Cooperative members own the business

The key difference between belonging to MGGC and being a contract grape grower, is that our Members OWN the business. This means profits from trading are returned to our Members, not the balance sheet of external investors.

Stabilisation of realistic fruit prices

MGGC wants to achieve the best possible sustainable price for our grapes and wine. To do this, we enter into long term sales agreements before the grapes are even picked. This approach gives certainty to everyone involved.

Supplying well established export markets

MGGC has been doing business with some of our clients for a number of years. Our ‘farm gate to glass’ business model gives them great quality wine, at a good price, and they always seem to want more.

Being part of a collective with a vast industry knowledge

Some of MGGC's Members have been growing grapes in Marlborough for over 25 years. This experience and knowledge is freely available to other Cooperative Members.